2010 Student Programs

Innovations in Math & Science
Students entering grades 8-10
July 18th-July 24th- In this weeklong camp, students explore the math and science in the outdoors that will enhance their future experiences in the outdoors. Backpacking, floating the river, and learning basic navigations and survival skills are a few skills to be mastered.
July 25th-31st - Let math be the tool to understand and apply every day physics as you design and create solutions to real-world problems. A very engaging and fun camp.

Young Naturalist Adventures
Students entering grades 4-7
Learning about the various cycles of our planet will be the focus of this camp. Students will swim and canoe daily, hike in the nearby mountains, and float the Missouri River as they explore and think critically about the many connections here on earth. At night, campers will gaze up at the sky and learn astronomy as well as enjoy campfires and s'mores.
Dates: July 19th-22nd (grades 4-5); July 26th-29th (grades 6-7)

Camp Discovery
Students Entering Grades K-3
Students are shuttled to and from Helena each day for this day camp. Campers will perform science experiments, create crafts, swim, and listen to relevant stories as they discover the world around them.
Date: July 19th-22nd

Preparing Women for Mathematical Modeling in Montana

An enrichment program for girls entering grades 10,11, or 12.
An introduction to real world problems that can be modeled using difference equations and solved using spreadsheets. Topics include drug dosages and spread of disease, intervention on species that are over-populated or headed for extinction, building annuities or paying off loans, globabl warming issues, etc. Local professional women will address these topics.
Date: June 15th-19th, 9am-4pm

2010 Teacher Programs

Mathematical Modeling for Montana Green Technology Projects
Teams of mathematics or science teachers at a Montana high school, college, or university.
Two weekend workshops modeling environmental problems and green solutions.

Before It's Too Late! - Title II Improving Teacher Quality Program Grant
50 Teachers of 8th grade mathematics
Five-day immersion in algebra, geometry, and data/statistics

Broadwater and Bozeman (B&B) Project - ESEA Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant awarded by OPI
Grades 5-8 teachers from Townsend and Bozeman and pre-service teachers from MSU-Bozeman. Year-long, school-based learning and lesson study experience

Science and Inquiry Learning in the Classroom (SILC)- ESEA Title II Part B Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) Grant awarded by OPI
Two cohorts of 30 Gr. 3 - 6 teachers from Helena and Bozeman areas.
Full year professional development activities in science, inquiry learning and Native American culture.

Science Inquiry Professional Development Academy - Sponsored by the Montana Learning Center and the MSTA.
This academy is designed to give you an opportunity to personally experience the process of learning science through inquiry. The intent is that this experience will stimulate your thinking about how to create a culture in your classroom that supports inquiry. .

Spring Time in the Rockies - This year’s Spring Time in the Rockies conference will work with teachers and districts to engineer a powerful technology component for mathematic and science education.