About Us


We are fanatics about mathematics, science learning, and teaching. We intend to make the world better through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


We present institutes for the advancement for learning and teaching of mathematics and science. What we do best is hold and host on-site residential workshops where participants build strong life long friendships with other science and mathematics enthusiasts.


Our institute is 15 buildings on the shores of Canyon Ferry lake outside of Helena, Montana, the Queen City of the Rockies. Just Google 7653 Canyon Ferry Road, Helena, MT 59602. We are in an unusual and beautiful area with unique geological and natural features on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. There is fishing, boating, and swimming at the lake.


Most of our programs are in the spring, summer and fall when the lake is thawed! We do share our facilities with other educational endeavors on a fee basis. Contact Carol Bock or Dick Seitz for information on hosting institutes or meeting at Montana Learning Center.


We provide world-class research-based instruction. We have resources for teaching biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, and technology. We also have library, phone services, and even have the ability to host a pretty tasty Montana barbecue.

About the Montana Learning Center

National Advisory Board

Our national advisory board has the unique responsibility of providing an honest and clear reflection on how well we serve our mission to advance the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Board of Directors

Our board is a working group of Montana leaders representing interests of science, mathematics, education, government and the private sector who set, monitor, and guide the development and implementation of programs and policies of this organization.


Most of our instructors have received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics or Science Teaching! We also seek out a new cadre of "younger" people who have a winning teaching style and a talent for inspiring the future!


Our staff loves students and teachers. These people will amaze you with their Montana hospitality.