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Number Sense and Operation Data Analysis Geometric  Reasoning Algebraic and Functional Reasoning

Below you will find the lessons that were created this year.  In the table, the four Montana Mathematical Content Standards are listed.  In those columns the lessons focus standard will be highlighted while those left clear are touched upon but not the focus.  By clicking on the lesson title, you will be taken to the Standard page where you will find all the relevant files you need for the lesson.  You may also go directly to the Standard page by clicking the appropriate standard above.

Title Main Topics Number Sense and Operation Data Analysis Geometric  Reasoning Algebraic and Functional Reasoning Technology Used Authors
Up! Up! and Away! Multiple representations, systems of equations - - - * Graphing Calculator, GeoGebra Marya Dolezal, Kristi Kappes
Mystery Functions and Dynagraphs Multiple Representations, families of functions - - - * Geometer's Sketchpad Erik Johnson, Bruce Bell
One Way to Clean the School data collection, data analysis (mean, median),  predictions - * - - GPS, Google Earth, GeoGebra Karla Cramer
Model My World 3D prisms, volume, surface area * - * - Google SketchUp Erik Johnson, Bruce Bell
What The Hay, Teach Cylindrical volume, rate of change, discrete vs. continuous modeling * * * * Geogebra, Graphing Calculator, Microsoft Excel Wendy Connelley, Pam Laird
Is That Big Mac Worth It? problem solving * - - * Google Earth Wendy Connelley, Pam Laird
Classy Vs. Clunker exponential functions, interest, calculator programming * - - * TI - 83 or 84 Tammy Johnson, Linda Burrington
Pick A Plan systems of equations - - - * graphing calculator Tammy Johnson, Linda Burrington
Toothpick Patterns recursive patterns, creating tables, multiple representations, slope-intercept form - -- -- * graphing calculator Denise Maczewski, Jodi Ruff
Guess the Geezer data collection, scatterplots, interpret data - * - * TI-83/84 or TInspire Mark Flaherty
Are You 20 Years Too Late? area, data collection, scatterplots, quadratic regression - * * * TInspire, GeoGeobra Denise Maczewski, Jodi Ruff
Life Is A Highway multiple representations, linear and quadratic regression, graphing, analyzing data, making predictions * * - * TI-83/84 Vicki Downhour, Stephen Gasche, Kathje Dalton
Where Do You Get Your Genes? scatterplots, linear regression, analyzing data, data collection - * - * TI-83/84 Duane Bergum, Christopher Linhart
A Field's Yield predictions from data, unit conversions, data analysis * * - * Google Earth Duane Bergum, Christopher Linhart
Obnoxious Weeds scatterplots, regression line estimates, graphing linear data * * - * TI-83/84 Vicki Downhour, Carl Anderberg
Linear Introduction to GeoGebra linear modeling, conjecturing with models - - - * GeoGebra Carl Andeberg