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newPreparing Women for Mathematical Modeling in Montana

Springtime in the Rockies Technology Conference

Contact Us:

Phone: 406-475-3638
Email: cbock@montanalearning.org

Mission Statement:

The Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake provides and promotes exemplary mathematics and science education for all.

Vision Statement:

The Montana Learning Center provides an environment where children and adults explore powerful ideas enabling them to think beyond traditional learning to examine a variety of philosophies, models, visualizations, and develop decision making for a modern world. Through immersion experiences at the Montana Leaning Center, we build strong networks for students and teachers centered around a passion for mathematics and science learning that will last a lifetime.

What We Do Best

image sample We have amazing advisors, board members, instructors, and supporters but, that isn't what we do best. What we do best is provide programs where students and teachers immerse themselves in a learning experience that they will remember for a lifetime.



Why It Really Works

  • Our passion for science and math
  • The fun outdoor activities that give our learners balance in their lives
  • Our location on a remote lake in Montana
  • Our funky 50's houses with no TV and few distractions
  • Our belief in developing learning communities
  • Our dedication to leaving the world a better place than when we found it
  • The awesome people (young and old) who come to teach and to learn about math and science